Secular thought and ability of Islam in social rules - 1

16:48 - 2024/05/29

The religious government does not lack rationality, but requires rationality in accordance with Sharia; With a correct understanding of the Sharia law, a valid law can be formulated for the society.

 Islam and Secularism

Secularists believe that God is the creator of man and knows his moods and situations. Until mankind was not developed, God sent prophets. But when mankind grows up, he no longer needs religion, because he manages his own affairs with his own reason.

Argument of secularism:

In order to be able to take religion out of human life and consider a limited area for it, the secularists say: the history of religion is past. After the prophets, it is time for collective wisdom and human reason. There is no place for Imamate and divine leadership unless we lower them to the level of a mystic. They deny the scientific and political authority of the Ahl al-Bayt and bring up the spiritual authority of the Ahl al-Bayt. They argue for their opinion as follows:


One of the basic goals of jurisprudence is to untangle social problems and manage various aspects of human worldly life. This purpose is clearly understood regarding Sharia law; such as inheritance and divine laws.


In the past, when society was simple and relationships were not complicated, jurisprudence could handle this.


Jurisprudence is basically the art of expressing rulings, not the art of planning. Jurisprudence can only solve legal problems.

Therefore, jurisprudence lacks the dignity of interfering in the management of today's societies. Despite the contemporary scientific management, it is not the turn of jurisprudential management.[1]

Criticism and evaluation:

The source of their mistake is that they think; The two religious and intellectual managements are in conflict with each other; That is, if we want to do jurisprudential management, we must abandon intellectual management. If the secularists had a correct idea of ​​how jurisprudence intervenes in social life and a correct understanding of the religious government, they would not have raised this doubt.[2] Therefore, there are problems with their theory:

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islam and Secularism

[1] The Rise and Fall of Western Liberalism, p. 54

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