Secular thought and ability of Islam in social rules - 3

17:30 - 2024/06/03

The religious government does not lack rationality, but requires rationality in accordance with Sharia; With a correct understanding of the Sharia law, a valid law can be formulated for the society.

 Islam and Secularism

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The evaluation of Islam and Secularism - 2:

6. Social regulations refer to the specific situation of a society in a specific historical period. It is different from Sharia rules which generally explain the rules governing social regulations. From the point of view of Islam, social regulations should be subject to Sharia rules. However, in each society the characteristics of the same historical stage should be taken into account within the framework of the general laws of Sharia.

7. In politics and society usually the direction and the framework of their movement is subject to a value system. If this value system is not a religious and divine system, it will naturally be on a path contrary to divine teachings.


Islam has rules in all social and political fields, such as legal issues. Even a series of them are implemented in the shadow of the government. In addition, religion has a series of rules, general principles and fixed rules. Based on them, social laws and rules can be extracted. They can be used at all times.

The issue of government and society in general is not a human related and worldly matter. It is not left to man. Managing a society whose goal is the happiness of two worlds is a divine duty. Islam has come for the happiness of both worlds. It has a comprehensive plan for it. Some of the verses and rules of Islam are related to the human social sphere. In addition, there are general rules and principles based on which topics can be deduced.[1]

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