Examining the allegation that Jesus (pbuh) married an immoral woman - 4

15:57 - 2024/05/14

What is the relationship between the narrations of some of the Gospels about the marriage of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) with a wicked woman named "Mary Magdalene" to the issue of infallibility of the prophets?

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)

Examining the marriage of Jesus Christ

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According to some other reports, Mary Magdalene was among the believers and close friends of Jesus (peace be upon him). In the beginning, she was a wicked woman who believed in Jesus after meeting him.  According to the Bible, Jesus (pbuh) cast out the evil spirits from her, after that she became one of the believers in Jesus. [1] According to the announcement of the Bible, he is among those whom the divine angel or Jesus (peace be upon him) appeared to him after the ascension and announced the life of Jesus.[2]

So far, there is no proof that Jesus (peace be upon him) married this woman.

The only narration of the marriage of Jesus (peace be upon him):

The only reason that the claimants of the marriage of Jesus (peace be upon him) state is the content written on the papyrus, whose attribution to Jesus is unknown. The English newspaper "Daily Mail" reported the discovery of a piece of papyrus in which Jesus Christ speaks of his wife with the address "My wife". Citing experts in Coptic studies, this publication believes that this papyrus shows that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

While even in this unknown passage, the marriage of Jesus with Mary Magdalene is not specified and is based on speculation.

In addition, some Christians, especially Catholics, believe that Jesus never married. According to some of them, the reason why Jesus (peace be upon him) did not have a wife was that a woman is an element of sin and a small devil. Marriage and sexual issues prevent the human spiritual growth and excellence.[3] Although this Christian scholars' understanding of this state of Christ is not realistic either. Especially since some Christian scholars have a completely opposite view, to the point where they have even argued that divorcing a woman is forbidden.[4], [5]

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[1] The Gospel of Luke, chapter 8, sentence 2.

[2] Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, sentence 6;

[3] Collection of Shahid Motahari's works, vol. 19, p. 131.

[4] See: Gospel of Mark, chapter 10, sentences 11 and 12.


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