What made Abraham (AS) sad on Eid al-Adha? - 1

16:29 - 2024/06/16

Abraham (peace be upon him) who was fully prepared to slaughter his son Ishmael, was saddened by the revelation of a sheep instead of Ishmael. He wished to his God that the afflicted person would reach the highest levels.

Sacrifice of Eshmael

Abraham and the Great Sacrifice

Eid al-Adha contains many lessons that Abraham and Ishmael (peace be upon them) have given to humanity for eternity. The lesson of servitude, submission, self-sacrifice, letting go of material ties, qualities and characteristics of this type, which requires years of effort for those who seek to be ascribed to each of them. Among these attributes of servitude is the high readiness of Prophet Abraham to bear the calamity of losing a child who had been waiting for his birth for years. It was just beginning to enjoy the blessing of having him. But because the world is not a place to stay and he has to give up all its ties, Abraham should have shown that he can abandon the light of his eyes (Eshmael), remain patient and thankful as before.

Abraham, who had shown many times before that he is pure submission to his God, this time also proved his servitude and came out of this test proud. God also forgave Ishmael to him. Because God was not pleased to make him suffer.

But it seems that Abraham was not very happy with this divine forgiveness at first. After that, he became satisfied with the grace of his Lord. In a narration from Imam Reza (peace be upon him) which he said:

 “When God ordered Abraham to slaughter a sheep instead of his son Ishmael, Abraham [thought to himself that] I wish he had succeeded in slaughtering Ishmael. A sheep does not take the place of Ishmael. A father who has lost his best child will taste the tragedy. In this way he will reach the highest levels of reward for the affliction.

God [who was aware of Abraham's distress] revealed to him:

O Abraham! Who are my favorite creatures in your eyes?

Abraham: O Lord, you did not create any creature that is more beloved to me than the love of Muhammad (peace be upon him). [1]

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